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uk mp who do not respect the sovereignty of constituent data / send it via other jurisdictions

Many members of choose to host their websites outside of the UK (or blindly follow their political parties choice of provider), I look at who they are.

At the most basic level, by visiting one of these websites you are sharing your IP address and interest in the member; with third party jurisdictions and security services.

The majority of these members websites also encourage constituents to make contact with them via the website rather than directly on their email addresses.

Typically it is NOT highlighted that your data is being sent outside of the UK prior to providing your data, you have to explicitly locate and read the privacy policy first.

I will explorer the opsec risk associated with the offshore transmission and/or use of third party jurisdictions in a followup post, for the moment just the data below.

This list ONLY covers websites which terminate outside of the UK and does not cover MP whose websites terminate in the UK but are using US companies…

NameWebsite URIHosting Locality
Debbie Abrahams
Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MPtootinglabour.comUnited States
Jonathan Ashworth MPwww.jonashworth.orgGermany
Ian Austin States / CDN
Stephen Barclay MPwww.stevebarclay.netNetherlands
Mr John Baron States
Rt Hon Hilary Benn MPwww.hilarybennmp.comUnited States / CDN
Luciana Berger MPwww.lucianaberger.comDenmark
James Berry MPwww.jamesberrymp.comUnited States
Andrew Bingham
Owen Thompson MPwww.snp.orgNetherlands
Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods
Paul Blomfield States / CDN
Mr Peter Bone MPwww.wellingboroughconservatives.orgNetherlands
Philip Boswell MPwww.philboswellmp.scotGermany
Sir Peter Bottomley MPwww.sirpeterbottomley.comUnited States
Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw
Rt Hon Tom Brake States / CDN
Kevin Brennan States
Deidre Brock MPwww.dbrockmp.scotGermany
Alan Brown MPwww.alanbrownmp.scotUnited States
Lyn Brown States / CDN
Fiona Bruce MPfionabruce.mpUnited States
Chris Bryant States
Ms Karen Buck States / CDN
Richard Burgon MPwww.richardburgon.comNetherlands
Rt Hon Alistair Burt States
Rt Hon Alan Campbell States / CDN
Rt Hon Alistair Carmichael States
Rt Hon Nick Clegg States / CDN
Vernon Coaker States / CDN
Damian Collins MPwww.damiancollins.comUnited States
Rosie Cooper MPwww.rosiecooper.netNetherlands
Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MPwww.yvettecooper.comUnited States / CDN
Neil Coyle States / CDN
Mr David Crausby States / CDN
Stella Creasy States / CDN
Jon Cruddas
Judith Cummins
Nic Dakin MPwww.nicdakin.comUnited States / CDN
Simon Danczuk MPwww.simondanczuk.comNetherlands
Geraint Davies States / CDN
Thangam Debbonaire States / CDN
Martin Docherty-Hughes MPwww.martindocherty.scotUnited States
Mr Pat Doherty MPwww.westtyronesinnfein.comUnited States
Jim Dowd States
Jack Dromey MPwww.jackdromey.orgNetherlands
Michael Dugher
Mark Durkan MPwww.markdurkan.netGermany
Ms Angela Eagle States
Jonathan Edwards States
Clive Efford States / CDN
Mrs Louise Ellman
Chris Elmore States / CDN
Natascha Engel States
Bill Esterson States / CDN
Chris Evans
Michael Fabricant States
Rt Hon Caroline Flint MPwww.carolineflint.orgUnited States / CDN
Vicky Foxcroft
Gill Furniss States / CDN
Mike Gapes MPwww.mikegapes.orgUnited States / CDN
Barry Gardiner MPwww.barrygardiner.comUnited States / CDN
Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC States
Pat Glass
Mary Glindon
Helen Goodman
Peter Grant MPpetergrant.scotUnited States
Lilian Greenwood States / CDN
Rt Hon Ben Gummer MPwww.bengummer.comUnited States
Andrew Gwynne States
Mr Sam Gyimah MPwww.samgyimah.comUnited States
Louise Haigh States / CDN
Fabian Hamilton
Rt Hon David Hanson States
Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MPwww.harrietharman.orgUnited States / CDN
Carolyn Harris States
Helen Hayes
Gordon Henderson States
Meg Hillier MPwww.meghillier.comUnited States
Rt Hon Dame Margaret Hodge States
Mrs Sharon Hodgson MPwww.sharonhodgson.orgNetherlands
Kate Hollern MPwww.katehollern.orgUnited States / CDN
Adam Holloway States
Stewart Hosie MPwww.stewarthosie.comUnited States
John Howell MPwww.johnhowellmp.comGermany
Tristram Hunt MPwww.tristramhunt.comUnited States / CDN
Imran Hussain
Mr Stewart Jackson States
Mr Bernard Jenkin MPwww.bernardjenkinmp.comFrance
Diana Johnson
Graham Jones MPhhgrahamjones.blogspot.comUnited States
Barbara Keeley States / CDN
George Kerevan MPgeorgekerevanmp.scotUnited States
Calum Kerr MPwww.calumkerr.scotUnited States
Stephen Kinnock
Peter Kyle States / CDN
Rt Hon Norman Lamb States / CDN
Rt Hon David Lammy States
Ian Lavery
Chris Law MPchrislaw.scotNetherlands
Sir Edward Leigh States
Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MPwww.brandonlewis.coUnited States
Clive Lewis MPwww.clivelewis.orgUnited States / CDN
Caroline Lucas MPwww.carolinelucas.comUnited States
Holly Lynch
Steve McCabe
Jason McCartney MPjasonmccartney.comUnited States
Andy McDonald MPwww.andymcdonaldmp.orgCanada
Stuart C. McDonald MPstuartmcdonaldmp.comUnited States
Dr Alasdair McDonnell MPwww.alasdairmcdonnell.comUnited States
Rt Hon John McDonnell MPwww.john-mcdonnell.netNetherlands
Rt Hon Pat McFadden MPwww.patmcfadden.comNetherlands
Conor McGinn
Alison McGovern
Liz McInnes States / CDN
Craig Mackinlay MPwww.craigmackinlay.comUnited States
Jim McMahon States
Rt Hon Fiona Mactaggart States
Justin Madders MPwww.justinmadders.comNetherlands
Shabana Mahmood MPwww.shabanamahmood.orgGermany
Seema Malhotra MPwww.seemamalhotra.comUnited States / CDN
Kit Malthouse MPkitmalthouse.comUnited States
John Mann MPwww.johnmannmp.comGermany
Rob Marris MPwww.robmarris.netNetherlands
Gordon Marsden
Rachael Maskell MPwww.rachaelmaskell.comNetherlands
Paul Maskey MPwww.sinnfein.ieUnited States
Christian Matheson
Paul Maynard States
Mark Menzies States
Francie Molloy MPwww.franciemolloy.ieUnited States
Dr Paul Monaghan MPpaulmonaghan.scotUnited States
Mrs Madeleine Moon MPwww.madeleinemoonmp.comUnited States / CDN
Penny Mordaunt MPwww.pennymordaunt.comUnited States
Jessica Morden MPwww.jessicamorden.comNetherlands
Grahame Morris
James Morris MPwww.jamesmorrismp.comNetherlands
Wendy Morton States
David Mowat States / CDN
Roger Mullin MProgermullinmp.comUnited States
Ian Murray
Mrs Sheryll Murray MPsheryllmurray.comUnited States
Lisa Nandy
Gavin Newlands MPwww.gavinnewlands.scotUnited States
Caroline Nokes MPwww.carolinenokes.comUnited States
Jesse Norman MPwww.jessenorman.comUnited States
Melanie Onn States / CDN
Kate Osamor States / CDN
Ian Paisley States
Matthew Pennycook MPwww.matthewpennycook.comUnited States
Jess Phillips MPwww.jessphillips.netBulgaria
Bridget Phillipson MPwww.BridgetPhillipson.comUnited States / CDN
Rt Hon Sir Eric Pickles MPwww.ericpickles.comUnited States
Lucy Powell States
John Pugh MPwww.johnpughmp.comUnited States
Will Quince
Yasmin Qureshi States / CDN
Dominic Raab MPwww.dominicraab.comUnited States
Angela Rayner MPwww.angelarayner.comNetherlands
Rachel Reeves MPwww.rachelreeves.netUnited States
Jonathan Reynolds
Marie Rimmer States / CDN
Mr Geoffrey Robinson
Steve Rotheram States
Rt Hon Joan Ryan
Rt Hon Grant Shapps MPwww.shapps.comUnited States
Mr Virendra Sharma MPwww.virendrasharma.comUnited States / CDN
Mr Barry Sheerman States
Tommy Sheppard MPtommysheppardmp.scotGermany
Mr Gavin Shuker MPwww.gavinshuker.orgUnited States
Tulip Siddiq MPwww.tulipsiddiq.comUnited States
Ruth Smeeth
Rt Hon Andrew Smith States / CDN
Angela Smith States
Jeff Smith
Owen Smith States
Karin Smyth MPkarinsmyth.comUnited States
Rt Hon John Spellar
Mark Spencer States
Keir Starmer MPwww.keirstarmer.comNetherlands
Jo Stevens
Rory Stewart States
Wes Streeting MPwww.wesstreeting.orgUnited States / CDN
Mel Stride MPmelstridemp.comGermany
Rt Hon Gisela Stuart
Gareth Thomas MPwww.gareththomas.orgUnited States / CDN
Emily Thornberry MPwww.emilythornberry.comUnited States / CDN
Rt Hon Stephen Timms States
David Tredinnick MPwww.bosworthconservatives.comJapan
Jon Trickett
Anna Turley States / CDN
Stephen Twigg States
Mr Chuka Umunna States / CDN
Mr Robin Walker MPwww.walker4worcester.comGermany
David Warburton MPdavidwarburton.orgUnited States
Matt Warman
Dame Angela Watkinson MPwww.angelawatkinsonmp.comGermany
Tom Watson
Catherine West MPcatherinewest-labourclp97.nationbuilder.comNetherlands
James Wharton
Dr Alan Whitehead States / CDN
Dr Philippa Whitford MPwhitford.scotUnited States
Rt Hon John Whittingdale
Phil Wilson MPwww.phil4sedgefield.ukUnited States / CDN
Mr David Winnick MPwww.davidwinnick.webs.comUnited States
John Woodcock MPwww.johnwoodcock.orgUnited States
Daniel Zeichner

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