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SLOG of Carl Heaton Posts

h-sphere parent_child recursion

This script takes a h-sphere account_id and attempts to recurse the entire parent_child tree and fetch data from known associated tables. The list of associations is not complete but easily edited. Called with beast.php?account_id=123. It is intended only to give insight and a quick view of the H-Sphere account and associations.

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netflix hostnames and netblocks for pfsense

I route all of my non-work related home internet connectivity via an external jurisdiction (pfSense, openVPN and VPS based) which is great, however Amazon Video and Netflix traffic is significant and I don’t wish to abuse my “fair use” of the virtual server provider when the traffic is all SSL by default / only associates my connection as a user of Netflix. I use the following domains (pfsense host alias) and netblocks (pfsense net alias) to add custom routes to exclude Netflix traffic from the default route / going over VPN, but you can use the same list to include your traffic to VPN endpoints in other geographic regions.

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parsing using php simple html dom parser

I needed to get a list of all websites for UK members of parliament and have it update reasonably frequently / ability to repeat. lists all the current members so a simple PHP script was written using to parse the list of members, fetch each member profile and parse the name, website and twitter handles.

This script in all it’s hackyness may be found below (best run via php-cli to minimise timeout or memory issues) and example output at

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